Head of Terrads. Dwarf merchant, rather wealthy.


HP 158
AC 23
Fort 20
Ref 21
Will 22
Bluff +13
Diplomacy +13
History +11
Insight +11
Str 12
Con 15
Dex 11
Int 16
Wis 17
Cha 20
Attacks in Ebberron campain guide pg. 23


He gained his fortune by selling weapons to the government and to the public, however this was a front for his less legal means of increasing his power. The money Graven gained from his legitemate endevours was funneled towards thugs and theives to bully other merchants into joining his guild, disguising there protection money as guild fees. He increased his income and his influence throughout Stormhaven, and gained pull with those in the city of Lunaren.


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